What Lies Ahead

Can you sense if you’re going to have a good day the second you wake up? Probably, some of the time you can and I have that exact same feeling with my classes this semester. Both my classes this term have such nice people in it along with amazing professors. My expectations for both my classes are set very high this time around, I have a feeling I will gain a lot from these classes.

For my merchandising class I think I will learn really get a feel for how it will be like to have a career in the business side of the industry as opposed to the more creative side, such as design and things of that nature. However, last week I was talking to my professor, Professor Piazza, and she told me that it is possible to incorporate creativity into merchandising which really made me feel better about choosing my major because I want that balance of business and creativity. I am also looking very forward to completing my first project in this class which is to choose a decade in which we need to write a report and do a presentation on it. Of course, I chose the 90’s because I am obsessed with everything  90’s at the moment and the whole grunge look. My professor this week showed us examples of PowerPoint slideshows from college students, which were all amazing. I’m looking forward to making my own PowerPoint because my goal is to make my presentation live up to the expectations of my professor as if I was in college. I am going to try my hardest to make my presentation really stand out.

On the other hand, this week was my first day of my fabric styling class (and everyone else’s second day). I thought I would feel out of place and not really prepared in the class for that reason but I caught on quick and the class couldn’t of gone better. The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in the classroom, was the actual classroom. Call me weird but my favorite classrooms at FIT are the “artsy” ones as I call them, the ones filled with huge tables covered with paint splatters; and that is exactly what my classroom is.

                                    My “artsy” fabric styling classroom

In class we immediately started working on project #1 which is to choose a celebrity and create a fashion board for him/her filled with photos of how we would style our celebrity and choose the right colors, fabrics for him/her. My choice of celebrity is Alexa Chung.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, Alexa is a model and host of 24 Hour Catwalk on Lifetime but receives most of her recognition in the fashion world. Her style is minimalistic, classy, and menswear inspired while girly at the same time. I cannot wait to create a whole board dedicated to just her style. Although this class is primarily based on doing style boards, I think I will enjoy it because creating boards is such a great way to express a mood or theme in a visual and hands-on way. Putting boards together is a lot of work, but in the end the turn out is extremely satisfying.

            My magazine cut outs for my Alexa Chung style board

Despite all of this, in all honesty guys the real highlight of my day had to be finding out that I can get 10% off at Gigi’s cafe for being a student at FIT, that place is the best. If you have yet to visit Gigi’s for lunch, you’re totally missing out.

Okay I’m kidding, my classes and my whole day at FIT definitely topped off as my highlight of the week actually, but the 10% off has to be a close second.

All in all I know this semester is going to be a great one and I’m so excited to get to share it with you guys!

Fashionably Truly,