Introducing New Precollege Blogger: Sissi

Hello, I’m Hannah, but I prefer to call myself Sissi. I’m from Brooklyn and have lived here my whole life. A lot of my style and design aesthetic has come from the wonderful and fashionable people who walk the streets where I live.

I have taken a FIT class previously, JSX 50: The Fashion Cycle, and I really think that’s what hit off my love of fashion. I’m super excited to be taking, HAP025: Sewing for Fashion Designers and HAP017: Fashion Design Techniques. I have always had an interest in fashion, reading magazines and loving all types of blogs, but my FIT class really showed me that fashion is so much more, and that I had the capability to do it.

I spent my summer working on the fashion magazine that my friend and I run. It’s called Spirit Fashion and our main inspiration is Rookie magazine. We write about a wide variety of things, but we also feature photo shoots. She arranges, styles, and takes the pictures for these shoots. She wishes to be a fashion photographer and I want to be a designer, so it worked out perfectly that I would design a line and she would shoot it. We only have our first issue out so far, but we’re working on the second. I spend most of my spare time writing, designing, or sewing for Spirit Fashion. It has given me a structure for my designing. Each issue betters my sewing and fabric skills.

I’m not that advanced at sewing yet but I’m teaching myself how to work with leather and more advanced designs. I’m taking my designing slowly so that I can make everything I sketch. For this spring line I designed some leather pants as well as collared shirts in a hard fabric to tailor, and I will be studding. This is less advanced than what I would usually design, but it’s advanced enough for my sewing skills.

I’m homeschooled so I have a lot of free time on my hands. I have the choice to do school in the afternoon instead of morning, so I usually go with that. My days usually consist of school, reading blogs, writing my blog, sewing, writing other stuff, and designing. If I’m in between designing lines I’ll make myself something. Some days I don’t get dressed till 12:00 because I spent all morning sewing my outfit.

My biggest passion could be generally described as fashion. My main goal in designing clothes is to get what I see out there. I see fantastical things in my head and my one goal in life is to make then reality. I don’t know if this will lead to my showing at New York Fashion Week, as I have other things to worry about. I like to focus on making my art as high quality as possible, as I do in everything. I’m a little bit of a perfectionist but that comes in handy.

I have always loved reading blogs. I think it’s a great place to document your life, plus your inspiration. I have had a blog for around a year and when I look back to my early posts I remember who I was then. I feel like I want my work, which is a mixture of grunge and fairytale, to hold the line between modern and nostalgia fora childhood. Blogging has allowed me to explore myself and my personal style. Even though I spend some days in a t-shirt and sweatpants for sewing purposes, I still like styling when I can, and I can pretty often.   

I have so many goals in my life that I don’t really know where I should start. I have short term goals, such as finishing this issue of Spirit Fashion, doing well in school, and designing the fall line. Then I also have some longer term goals such as getting a job, going abroad for a bit, and maybe starting up an online store. I want to go to FIT for college and even though I work on my portfolio daily, I still work hard to better myself so I can get in. I guess my ultimate goal is to have a successful store where I make enough money to donate some to charity. I want to make people happy when they wear or see my work. So I guess my all time goal is to make people smile. I work to wow.


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