Guest Blogger: Kayleigh

Nervous stomachs are natural when beginning a new summer program. New people you have never met before, camp counselors, and disgusting lunches. But FIT’s Precollege Program is nothing like this.

During the hot summer, frigid winter, and beautiful spring, FIT offers many classes to middle school students and high school students in such subjects as merchandising, drawing from inspiration, photography, red carpet design, etc. Everyone in the Summer Program is admirable. All the students have one thing in common: they worship fashion. This past summer, I took photography and Red Carpet design.

Over the past two years at FIT, I have never found a professor I didn’t like. The professors are responsible and enjoyable. Some professors at FIT went to there in college and work there now. The professors teach you a lot over a four day week.

In photography class, our professor gave us an assignment and we had to go outside with our classmates. First we learned how to use reflectors which reflect the light to brighten or add glow to the object we are taking pictures of (which could be objects that meant something to us or pictures of ourselves).

Also in photography we learned how to “paint with light.” We turned all the lights out and we changed the settings on our cameras and we took our flash lights and drew with them in front of the lens.

In Red Carpet Design, we talked about fabrics such as chiffon, silk and etc. The professor gave us models we could trace so it would be easier to draw.  He taught us to draw ruffles with color and we learned to use sparkles. We had to create a dress and add sparkles and ruffles to our masterpiece. Red Carpet Design had variety of ages from 10-14 and we have different types of style. Most girls made ball gowns for the red carpet other drew casual look, which made it easier for the professor so he didn’t have to look at ball gown after ball gown. In class four girls and I had a project runway game and we had different themes like gothic ball gowns and Disney ball gowns and 80’s themed ball gowns. I won the Disney round for my Little Mermaid dress.

Mermaid Dress

FIT’s Precollege Program was enjoyable and helps with drawing as well as photography skills. FIT is not like other Summers Programs; you won’t get nervous because all the students have one thing in common: We all worship fashion.