Highlight of my summer

I cannot believe how fast FIT went…I never wanted that class to end but its over:( taking the photography class at FIT was by far the highlight of my summer. It is definitely something that I will always remember and I know that I am definitely going take this class again next summer. Although I wish that this class was longer, I got sooo much done and I am so proud of myself for everything that I accomplished.

The first day of FIT I was so nervous. I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be as good as everyone else in my class and I was still questioning whether I could achieve my dream of professional photography or not. After going to this class for 12 days, I realized that what I want to do with photography is possible and it doesn’t matter how good you are, you just have to have the passion for it. Every student in my class was so nice and we all became such good friends, and that will definitely  help in the future. My professor was also very good. I had no complaints about him, he taught us very well and made it fun at the same time.

This class definitely helped me with photography but it also changed me as a person. I would never have thought that I would be traveling on a train alone everyday, going on subways, walking the streets of NYC, or taking pictures in a studio at a photo shoot. This class definitely helped me mature a great amount. I’m going to miss my daily routine of getting a starbucks in the morning before I get on the train and then getting Panera for lunch when I get there; it’s going to be such an adjustment for the next few weeks! I am going to be so bored without this class.

I really hope that everyone enjoyed reading my blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. It was such a great pleasure to write about my class everyday and I enjoyed reading everyone else’s posts too. The last 15 minutes of my class we had to fill out a survey and it was asking what you would change about the class, I just sat there and thought but there was absolutely nothing that I would change, everything about the class was perfect. I could not complain about one thing; the only thing I would change is to make it longer because I loved it so much.

I hope that everyone reading this considers taking a class at FIT. No matter what class it is I am sure it will be fun! Thank you again FIT for making this such an amazing experience! Now I know that FIT is definitely a college that I want to go to. I have one more post to write so keep reading and following my blog!

Thank you so much everyone !

xoxox Brooke