Introducing New Precollege Blogger: Brooke Ann

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”
-Ansel Adams

Hi everyone! My name is Brooke Ann and I am from a small town called Glen Rock, New Jersey in Bergen County and I am 16 years old. I currently attend an all girls private school near me called the Academy of the Holy Angels and I am going into my junior year. I have two older sisters that both are graduated from college. My oldest sister graduated from FIT in 2011 and I would love to follow in her footsteps.

For most of my life I have been doing gymnastics. I started doing gymnastics when I was 8 years old and I fell in love with it, I was soon moved up to the competitive team and I have been doing gymnastics ever since. I also enjoy dancing and cheerleading. I am a cheerleader for football and basketball. Although I love all those sports, my biggest passion in life is photography. Since the first day I picked up a camera I knew that photography is what I wanted to pursue in my life. Even if I had a disposable camera in my hand, I would always be taking pictures. On every vacation my family and I have been on, my family has always relied on me to take the pictures because I would take pictures of everything, even the simplest things because sometimes the simplest things are also the most beautiful and photography helps to portray that.  I believe that photography is more than just taking a picture; every picture has a meaning to it. My room is full of pictures I have taken and my other biggest passion is blogging. I have a tumblr that I update everyday and it helps people to get to know me, and to see everything I value in life.

I am taking the class “HPH 169: Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photoshop.” This is the first year I am taking a course at FIT. This class caught my attention because even though I’ve taken photography classes at school, I wanted more of a college experience. I also wanted to take this class because after my sister graduated from FIT I realized what a great school it was and I wanted to experience it myself.

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be part of this class and I cannot wait to learn how to be a better photographer and to improve my skills. Photography is my passion and going four days a week for three weeks is very exciting for me. I also cannot wait to meet new people from all over; it is going to be interesting to meet other people that want to pursue the same dream as me.

My main goal at FIT when I take these summer courses is to begin to believe that my dream of becoming a professional photographer is getting closer each day.

I love photography because one photograph is worth many words, and each photograph has so much meaning to it. Cameras freeze a moment in your life and without cameras we would not know half the things we do about our past. Taking pictures and putting them on a blog, or somewhere where people can see your work, is a way of expressing yourself; people can get to know you just by looking at your own personal blog.

My main goal for the future is to become a professional photographer with the help of FIT. If I get accepted into FIT, I want to major in photography and I want to minor in Italian. I want to minor in Italian because my whole family is from Italy and I am learning how to speak the language already in school and from day 1 I fell in love with the language of Italian. When my sister went to FIT she studied abroad in Italy and became fluent and I would love to do the same. I want to major in Photography because I’ve always known I would want to make a career out of photography since the day I bought my first camera. I want to capture moments that have a meaning to someone, taking pictures also helps me learn a great deal about everything in the world today; without photography this world would be lost.

I hope you got the chance to learn a lot about me and I hope you enjoy my posts!

Thanks everyone!

Brooke Ann




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