Instructor Spotlight – Sadia Seymour

Sadia Seymour is an Instructor in for the Center of Professional Studies and the Center for Precollege Programs in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Ms. Seymour has taught at FIT since 2001  and received her AAS and BFA in Fashion Design from FIT.

Ms. Seymour teaches  HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling for Precollege Programs at FIT.



Ms. Seymour’s  Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that everyone can make a living doing something they enjoy and they should. If you have a talent, a sincere and dedicated interest or passion for something, there is a way you can earn a living in that area.

I want to encourage people who live, eat and breathe fashion that there is a place for them. They are sitting in the greatest college in the country, FIT, and in the fashion mecca of the world, New York. That’s step one and from there the paths are endless if you have a strong desire and a dedicated work ethic. I want to help students find that path.


On Precollege Programs:

I LOVE seeing young people with a sliver of direction towards their career. I was just like them and took Precollege classes at FIT when I was a teenager. Step one on their paths, check! I want to open their eyes to the possibilities of the careers they can have in fashion. When they go home, I hope they tell their parents what they’ve discovered and the parents are comforted knowing that they are being guided in the right direction and by someone who has walked in their shoes.

The creativity, the energy and the drive of the Precollege students makes me want to come back every week. They inspire me!

Additional Comments:

Middle School and High School are challenging times for teenagers and when asked what “they want to be when they grow up,” it is a hard question to answer when you haven’t really seen the world. The Precollege Programs at FIT are a great place for students to experience what they will experience in college and get a hands on approach to their desired career path. It makes a time that could be difficult much easier to navigate. I highly recommend it!

Industry Experience:

  • UpStart Knitwear – Production Coordinator for a private label sweater manufacturer
  • Beldoch Industries – Production Coordinator for the Pierre Cardin sweater division
  • Objects D’Art – Assitant Production Manager: Private label junior sweater manufacturer
  • Rampage Clothing – Production Manager for the sweater division for the collectiona nd retail stores
  • Freelance Fashion Stylist for 14years and  represented by Halley Resources for entire career. Stylist for magazines, catalogs, advertising, runway, editorial, print, celebrity, independent film and commercials.