The End is Coming Near

I had my interview today! I practically hadn’t slept all week, I was so nervous for it and had been working so hard to prepare and get everything together. It didn’t help that I had work all week and had tons of homework, but I got everything done in time.

I got there early, and saw some of my classmates there. I didn’t stop talking up until I actually went in for my interview, 2 hours later, because I was so nervous. I was one of the last people to be interviewed, and was practically jumping out of my seat. The questions were kept simple, and the feedback was mostly positive – although very little. It seemed to go very well and I actually met up with my class at the display for the graduating AAS class. I love to see all their work and how they display their portfolios.

In my last couple of classes in Fashion Portfolio, we’re going to be working on the second half of the design test, which is to design 4 original garments. I already have mine done and obviously already showed them, but it never hurts to keep improving. It’s also a lot better to sketch without so much pressure, because it allows you to be more creative and you can go back and work on details later and refine your work. I’m so sad to know that it’s almost over, and I’ll be signing up for a pattern making class for next semester as soon as possible.


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  1. It is sad! I can’t believe it worked out and you got everything done! Congrats on another great semester…

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