Tip of the Week: Printing Your Schedule

In preparation for Summer Live, we strongly advise all students to print their schedule of classes. This document, available through your MyFIT portal, will provide you with your student ID number, the class you are registered for, your instructor’s name, and the building and room location of your class.

It is very important that you have this with you prior to coming to campus. Also, this document will be required as proof of registration to obtain your Security ID card.

Instructions for printing your schedule is this week’s Tip of the Week:

How To Print Your Schedule

  1. Go to myfit.fitnyc.edu
  2. Enter your FIT username and password in the box entitled Secure Access Login
  3. You should see greetings that reads: “Welcome [your first and last name]. You are currently logged in.”
  4. Select Online Resources
  5. Select Student
  6. Select Registration
  7. Select Student Schedule Course By Course
  8. Select Term
  9. Print

Remember: HSL 000 is not a course. This is an activation code which allows you to register online for Precollege Programs. Please disregard.





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