Sew What… with Taylor-Made!

Hello all!  Taylor-Made here again.  Hope you all had a wonderful week, I know I did.

This week in the halls, I ran into Sunday Live student, Tereza.  Tereza is taking HAR 016: Fashion Art for Fashion Designers.

Sew, if you haven’t figured out who I am yet, here is your second tip on my identity: Think of an eco-friendly version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz 🙂


Sew, what is your personal Style?

I don’t like just one style, really.  It depends on my mood.  One day rock-style and the next day soft and feminine.

Sew,where do you go on your breaks from class?

I stay in the classroom and sleep!

Sew, what is your favorite store to shop for clothes?

The All Saints store in SoHo.

Sew, who inspires you?

In fashion, Alexander Wang.  And other than that, Kate Moss.

Sew, what are four things you can not live without or always carry with you?

Cell phone, earrings, rings, and in the summer I ALWAYS need sunglasses.

Sew, where are you from?