Sew What… With Taylor-Made!


Hi! I’m a Precollege Fashion Spy going by the code-name, Taylor Made!

For those of you that don’t yet know me, I travel the campus in search of Precollege students who want to talk about their personal style, inspiration, and experiences at FIT! Then I snap a photo of them to feature right here – on the Precollege Blog. Who knows – perhaps you could be the next student to make an appearance on our blog.

Want to know who I am? Well, I’ll give you a clue:
I have long brown hair and wear green glittery shoes :)

And our first student is ….. ELENA! Elena is in the Sunday Live Program taking HAR 016: Fashion Art for Fashion Designers.


Sew, what is your personal Style?
My style changes from day to day.  I like mixing feminine and masculine things in the same outfit.

Sew, where do you go on your breaks from class?
I stay in the classroom and usually take a bathroom break.

Sew, what is your favorite store to shop for clothes?
The All Saints store in SoHo is my favorite.

Sew, who inspires you?
In fashion, CoCo Chanel.  I also love Kate Moss.

Sew, what are four things you can not live without or always carry with you?
I always have my iPod, money, and jewelry.

Sew, where are you from?

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