Bare Beauties

GirlieMags-5.1During the 1920s, publishers circumvented the laws concerning the publication of nude photos by ostensibly purposing them “FOR ARTISTS ONLY.” “While this magazine is of general interest, particular stress is laid upon the fine arts and crafts; and an especial appeal is made to artists, designers, architects, drawing teachers, photographers, art supervisors, curators of museums, draftsmen, mural decorators, cartoonists, crafts workers, illustrators as well as to physicians and surgeons…To the pure all things are pure, is an old saying.  But it’s just as true as ‘Evil to him to evil things’  The Bible tells us that ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ ”


The women that appeared in these magazines were frequently professional dancers, actresses and showgirls, who were looking to promote a specific production in which they appeared.  While, no doubt, these magazines were enjoyed by a wide variety of readers in their own time, today they serve as exquisite records of the ideal figure of the Art Deco era.

Of special note to fashion historians, this article discussing hemlines, from 1928.


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