The Muppet Show Style Book

One of the staff favorites in the department isn’t necessarily due to its precious nature, but rather its nostalgia…

The Muppet Show Style Book was created in 1979, three years after the launch of  popular television show, by Jim Henson & Associates, Inc.: “This book of style sheets and character personality descriptions has been compiled to assist licensees in properly depicting the MUPPET SHOW characters.” Drawings in the book delineate matters such as the relative scale of the characters to one another and provide views of the characters from multiple angles.  Further details on each character tells us that Miss Piggy always wears PMS 270 blue eyeshadow, while Janice should always be dressed in a pale blue denim skirt with a green feather belt.

While the holdings of the department contain a wealth of information on fashion, costume and textile design, we also collect materials that support almost every curricula offered at FIT, including toy design.