And We’re Back!

Welcome back! Though classes were not in session, things have been pretty busy around here. There is so much to catch up on- but let’s start with some new news first-and it comes from students in each year of our three year program.

First up, one of our third year students. Jennifer Merz, MFA ’14 is the first runner up in NJ
SCBWI Books for Kids’ project. We are really proud of you, Jenn!

If you have been to Bryant Park these past two weeks, in and amongst the masses of people you might have seen Bruno Nadalin, MFA ’15 out and about with his sketchbook, paints, brushes, charcoal and other assorted drawing materials, doing what he does so masterfully, reportage. Bruno was selected from a huge pool of applicants to be an Artist in Residence. This is a huge honor and we are so proud of you, Bruno!

Maria Carluccio, MFA ’16, has arrived with a statement! As she has been working away in Digital Boot Camp, after only three nights on campus, we got word that Maria has been awarded a Bronze medal in 3 x 3 Magazine’s Picture Book Annual Number 10. Hundreds of illustrators enter this contest and this is a great honor. Way to come to school, Maria!