What’s CSS, you ask? It’s Cascading Style Sheets and it is what designers use to style web pages. With CSS we add art direction – typography, layout, color and background images to our pages. My next CSS class on FIT campus starts Saturday, November 11 . We go from 10am – 1pm and we’ll meet a total of 4 Saturdays. (We’re off for Thanksgiving Weekend). <Here are the topics we do with hands on exercises and demonstrations: 1. Smart ways to set font size. 2. Working with color and background properties. 3. Tried and true layout techniques. 4. Rollover navigation […]

Learn WordPress — Starts May 28, 2014

Have you heard about WordPress? If you haven’t you are Not living on Planet Earth Not reading this page which was made using WordPress WordPress is one of the most versatile and user-friendly web publishing applications. It has been enjoying rapid and widespread use over the past few years. Find out how easy it is to make web sites, change or create themes, add plugins and expand your offerings to clients – or maybe you just want to create a new web site for yourself. Do all of this without having to know a lick of code!! How crazy is […]

3 Things Entrepreneurs should know about WordPress

Today’s blog is guest written by Stephanie Cockerl, a WordPress expert. Stephanie owns nextSTEPH  a company that helps individuals, small businesses and companies take their websites to the next level.  She’s been doing this for over 16 years. nextSTEPH provides web development, search engine and social media services to clientele in the education, health, media, non-profit, and publishing industries.  For more information, visit http://www.nextsteph.com. — 3 Things Entrepreneurs should know about WordPress If you have been online for a while, hopefully you have heard the word “WordPress.” WordPress has impacted the way people communicate and publish on the web. Nearly […]