Colors & Patterns

KNIT INSPIRATIONS Design inspirations for knits can be found everywhere. A beautiful flower, architecture, motifs on woven fabrics, carpet designs and more. The possibilities are endless at this stage of the design process. Find you theme, then the fun begins. The yarn selections today are numerous from cottons, to silks, to bamboo.The color choices of yarns are more than adequate to accommodate your design ideas. If you have already purchased your yarn for your project, wrap lengths of the  yarns around cardboard and take them along  with you on your inspiration journey. You will not need to duplicate the colors exactly, and […]


FASHIONABLE CAUSE Hey Fashion Designers! I know you have tons of fabric that don’t make the cut at the end of your seasons or semesters and that you have fabric that’s been laying around for ages because you “one day want to use it” or you had a “great idea for a project” a year ago.  Let’s face it, it’s just taking up space in your little apt. The solution? MATERIALS FOR THE ARTS!  This amazing reuse center takes designers unused fabrics and trims (and pretty much all types of art supplies) and donates them to schools and non-profits that […]


FASHIONABLE CAUSE This spring Levi’s has partnered with to take on the amazing feat of delivering more than 200 million liters of clean drinking water to people around the world.  With already 150 million liters donated, they are asking for everyone’s help to complete the task.  It’s as easy as completing a few simple tasks via   Dinna Soliman teaches CTB 012 Microsoft Excel 2: Fashion Design, CTD 131 Creating Complete Tech Packs in Illustrator, and various TOT: Fashion Design classes.