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Small Town and City Retailing that rewards the community, retailers, and customers…

Specialty stores could be better designed to present new customer experiences (CX) and unique shopping rewards for all shoppers and for loyal program customers.  Some communities are now supporting specialty retailers who have been challenged by incoming and ongoing mega-retail, but are rebounding with more nimble, creative and unique thinking.

Retail Therapy is offered by SPREE at the Fashion Square, Biltmore Fashion Park and Kierland Commons Luxury Malls in Scottsdale, Arizona

This can be managed by encouraging people with shopping strategies that offer the customer unusual incentives for rewards for their purchases.  For example, strategies we have recently seen could be to design customized: t-shirts, gift cards, items of artwork by local artists and artisans.

Collaborating between local shops and organizations is often a win-win outcome.

In tandem with, and actually preceding the shopping reward could be a Rewardtailer’s complementary multi-media strategy of reward advertising.

Also a Rewardtailer’s advertising should not only offer purchase rewards and overall discounts, the consumer is inundated with a plethora of offers and the followup survey — so the question should be: What will make YOUR offers/rewards different and more desired by your customers?

Lucky Magazine offers Lucky Points, their Lucky Closet, and exclusive access and CX experiences. Luckymag.com/shopoutnyc

Could you envision offering purchase rewards that provide Knowledge and Value of the town’s or retailer’s history — developing a special intriguing persona?  The Reward strategy is part of the customer’s Decision-making process.  As we have written before, Knowledge, Value, and Decision is a KVD strategy that can build a mutually valuable relationship.  People and companies desire a community that is involved in the happiness of their residents and success of their businesses.

Before the razzle dazzle of our fascination with technology gets us all excited…  Let’s remember that “there is nothing as powerful as a good idea whose idea has come.”  (Thank you Victor Hugo — even then and all the way to now.)  At the core of our new strategies must be something that will carry the day…  This is the excitement of retailing through the centuries — if you want a historical view, watch PBS’s Masterpiece retail stories: “Mr. Selfridge” and “The Paradise.”


What will we, “our time,” be known for in our future years?

Perhaps — ADVERTISING?  Interactive print newspapers in 4D?

Drawing be Art Winters
Drawing be Art Winters

For more on the use, value and research on Loyalty Programs:


A Loyalogy Consumer Study finds that retail reward programs may increase shopper spending by 33% — and with Millenials — 41%.


“70% of members feel loyalty programs are part of their relationship with a company/brand.”


Arthur & Peggy Winters co-teach SXB 200 Brand Marketing Communications for Image & Meaning and SXR 050 Intro to Branding: The Art of Customer Bonding.

Bloomingdale’s focuses on their Loyalists


Bloomingdales Loyalist program

Bloomingdale’s is launching a new campaign, which is essentially aiming to build ‘Loyalists’ via QR Codes and SMS call-to-action strategies, starting with a print campaign in the April Edition of Condé Nast’s Vanity Fair magazine.

The company recognizes that their consumer has transitioned to one whom is typically mobile; it would be more efficient to reach them on the technology that they have ‘in-hand.’

The advertisement located in Vanity Fair is a two-page spread, which features Michael by Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs’ dynamic Spring/Summer 2012 Collections.

The strategic ‘calls-to-action’ are located in a blue box on the top right-hand side of the second page.

Consumers can scan a QR code, send an SMS message, or enter the URL address http://www.bloomingdales.com/loyallist on their mobile devices.

The QR code forwards consumers to a tutorial video that explains the new Bloomingdale’s Loyallist program. (A similar concept is established when a consumer sends an SMS to the number provided)

Essentially, consumers receive one point for every dollar they spend in-store, online or in outlets. There are also chances to earn double points on cosmetics and fragrances.

If consumers get 5,000 points, they receive a $25 rewards card.

This allows Bloomingdales to establish a more personalized, one-to-one relationship with their consumers.

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