Men’s Image and Styling

Meet our new Instructor, Joseph DeAcetis! He will be teaching SXF 335  Fit, Balance and Proportion Fundamentals for Men’s Image and Styling, starting April 2, 2014! Hi Joseph! So, tell us a little about yourself… Creative Style Director Specialties: Forbes is a vigorous global media company celebrating the inconceivable changes within the realm of both luxury style and living smart. is a new world edition of fine art, style, nightlife and travel-featuring luxurious and exclusive content. Menswear’s diplomatic inspiration to business and recreational high-profile lifestyle. Accomplished Fashion Director, (content provider, stylist, writer, editor) Fashion Film Director – image creator […]

The New Black to Menswear

By Jove: The Biz Buzz Aha weekly tidbits for the HT Insider Well, just when we thought the “new black” was going from grey to pink – news has it that new black is ….BLACK.  Of course for those of you haven’t noticed, black actually is the color of choice at FIT with both students and faculty.  I guess it must be that urban thing but I know I stand in front of a rack, and see all sorts of colors.  What do I buy?  The black. How about you? WSJ Magazine, December 2013/January 2014. Check out this super layout. […]

Gentlemen’s Vintage Clothing Show and Sale

This looks to be an interesting event! If you go, please let me know how it was.   Interested in Menswear classes? Check out: SXF 325 Men’s Image Consulting with Style SXF 335 Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men’s Image and Styling SXF 340 Most Iconic Menswear Milestones in Fashion History SXS 330 Fashion Styling for Men