Make your company grow…listen to your customers

Market research – I’m referring to primary market research — takes time and energy and sometimes money.  But the results are amazing and don’t cost nearly as much as the time, energy and money you will waste by NOT doing it.  When you ask open-ended questions to your customers, the responses you get will help you cut through the clutter and develop a communication that speaks directly to the audience you want to sell to  (or whatever your goal is with that audience). And this is where you, as a small business, have it over the big guys. Large companies […]

10 Trends for Better Marketing and Results in 2013

Everyone loves top 10 lists. So now that we’re ending the first quarter of the year…here’s some helpful directions to focus on in your marketing and business (they are in no particular order of importance) 1.       Integrate your marketing As much as everyone would really love “the answer” and that it be just one thing…social media is the “one” at the moment…that’s just not how marketing works. Marketing is an eco-system that includes social, PR, collateral, branding etc. 2.       Put in a call to action in every piece of marketing you do This may sound self-serving but it actually helps […]

Social Media week – observations and a guest blogger on those observations

Social Media week was full of fantastic events with different experts in various sectors.  The networking was great because each venue had different people to meet and multiple points-of-view. There were two global takeaways I had from the events I attended. ·   The first is that there’s still no magic bullet to get customers, even in social media.  SEO, blogs, websites, linked in, pinterest, etc. must all work in as part of a strategically organized system in order to be successful. And that requires a fair degree of participation on your, the entrepreneur’s, part ·   The second takeaway I observed […]