Augment your photo’s with LV technology

WHAT’S TRENDING Louis Vuitton has recently collaborated with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama on a handbag collection and is raising awareness with a mobile application that uses augmented reality and photo sharing. The Louis Vuitton Kusama Studio iPhone app allows users take photos of images around them and apply an effect called visions to transform them into Ms. Kusama’s artwork.  Users can share them on a public gallery as well as social media platforms. Yayoi Kusama began as an avant-garde painter in Tokyo in the 1950s. She became a figure in New York’s contemporary art scene in the 1960s. Her style […]

LV brings their product roots to iPad

WHAT’S TRENDING Louis Vuitton is going back to its roots and what they’re originally known for; their luggage and trunks by creating an iPad application.  The 100 Legendary Trunks iPad application provides exclusive brand information through unpublished texts and documents, videos, sound clips and images. The Louis Vuitton app price seems to be a luxury item in and of itself, with a price point of $18.99 in Apple’s App Store. The application’s vivid representation of the history of Louis Vuitton’s design’s and usage is truly representative of the company’s evolution throughout the years. The history of the Trunks, also include […]