Gentlemen’s Vintage Clothing Show and Sale

This looks to be an interesting event! If you go, please let me know how it was.   Interested in Menswear classes? Check out: SXF 325 Men’s Image Consulting with Style SXF 335 Fit, Balance, and Proportion Fundamentals for Men’s Image and Styling SXF 340 Most Iconic Menswear Milestones in Fashion History SXS 330 Fashion Styling for Men  

Make that interview, meeting, pitch a success

Recently, as an entrepreneur panel and pitching event was winding down (, I found myself chatting with some entrepreneurs who were anxiously discussing a big pitch they had the next morning. One woman asked if the clothes she was wearing would be okay for the pitch. She was surrounded by a small group of business experts. Everyone offered her advice…change your blouse…the skirt works…maybe you should wear a suit and not be so casual even if you’re pitching the entertainment industry…etc. I finally leaned in and said quietly, “wear what you feel comfortable in…you don’t want to worry about your clothing […]