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Neiman Marcus heads to SXSW


Neiman MarcusAs SXSW Music festival is right around the corner, Neiman Marcus has been on the quest for some ‘street-style’ photographers to take photos for their NMDaily blog through a Facebook contest on Neiman Marcus’s Facebook page.

To enter, applicants are asked to fill out a questioner as well as send in a few samples of their photography.  The winner of this contest will attend SXSW music festival as a correspondent photographer on behalf of Neiman Marcus and their photos will be posted on NM’s Facebook, Twitter as well as their blog.

SXSW is held in Austin, TX from March 9th until March 18th. The festival, which is hosted by the SXSW Austin-based music station, includes films, live music and activities.

This is a great opportunity to focus on various curated forms of expression, as neither the photographer is a selected professional, nor are the people they would be photographing.

Users can access this contest through Neiman Marcus’ Facebook page, by clicking on the SXSW Tab http://www.facebook.com/neimanmarcus as well as on their blog, http://www.nmdaily.com

Dalia Strum teaches SXF 120: Blogging Smarts for Business.


#FallingInLoveWith Michael Kors on Valentine’s Day


Michael Kors #FallingInLoveWithWith Valentines Day right around the corner, Michael Kors is launching a digital campaign utilizing Twitter and image sharing platform, Instagram across the various digital platforms that they manage.

The goal of the campaign is to increase conversation about what they are falling in love with this Valentine’s Day, whether it is with people, places or apparel on their current social media platforms with a strong emphasis on Twitter and Instagram. The brand’s #FallingInLoveWith hashtag not only focuses on the emotion toward the actual holiday, but also provides an outlet to advertise products through Michael Kors’ point of view.

There are a few components to this digital campaign. First is the hashtag #FallingInLoveWith, was introduced on Twitter and the Brand will be engaging in a week-long live chat series starting Feb. 6.

They will also be focusing on their Blog ‘DestinationKors’ as well as their Facebook page as major engagement components to encourage as well as continue the conversation.

Michael Kors is also focusing on the bringing the online opportunities to an in-store component by making sure that the campaign translates to 20 branded stores, where they will have a special window display for the Valentine’s Day campaign.

This campaign embraces emotional shopping, with the lust of the product line.  This time of year a vulnerability towards the way consumers approach shopping, and this approach could be quite endearing and appreciative.

Dalia Strum teaches SXF 120: Blogging Smarts for Business.