My ethical fashion summer course will get you started, and we will have amazing guest speakers!! Introduction to ETHICAL FASHION Fashion Institute of Technology, New York May 28, June 4, 11, 18 from 6pm-9pm My guest speakers this semester include: – Geraldine Mae Cueva, fashion e-commerce expert at – Anh-Thu Nguyen, a human rights lawyer by training and head of the We See Beauty Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to incubate and accelerate women-led, worker-owned cooperatives to drive large scale change. – Gabriel Gripo, Slow Fashion designer and owner GGrippo art+design store in Brooklyn. A hub for emerging sustainable […]

Privacy, ethics and products

I recently waited on line for 45 minutes with a friend to see a free pre-release movie.  When we got upstairs right before the entrance to the theater, everyone was forced to check  their cell phones and other electronic devices at the door. Everyone willingly did it. Except me.  My cell phone was out, and I refused to check it.  Turns out I wasn’t allowed to enter the theater.  Meanwhile, I insisted that my friend go in. Others had cleverly hidden their electronics.  Once my friend was seated she said she saw numerous people with their cell phones out and […]