When technology intersects with fashion – you benefit.

There’s a new tech idea/website that’s been specifically developed for fashion designers (although other businesses can certainly use it).  It seems to be a cross between crowdfunding/sourcing and market testing.  Here’s how it works: A designer posts several new items from their upcoming collection – or variations on one item – for instance the designer could post one item in multiple colors to see which color is the most appealing. The customer, if interested in the item, makes a commitment to purchase it.  When orders reach a minimum number designated by the designer, then the customer is charged and the […]

Wow! Designer Markus Lupfer — so Refreshing!

Have you heard of London based designer,  Markus Lupfer? He’s new to me. He’s considered a “young person’s designer” with graphic tees and comic style. You’ll see what I mean when you view his video. However, I am a grown up girl who enjoyed his charming video with a “Japanese Pop Theme” and I’m really loving his Fall 2012 line. His use of brocade, black leather, and a 3 piece suit with cigarette pants is oh so divine. He is fashion forward yet classic in cut and design. And oh so very refreshing. Just what I needed. How about you? […]