Get Your Store Online With WordPress And Start Making Money With Your Dream

Do you want to sell clothing, shoes, jewelry or anything you can make or sell online? Learn how to use WooCommerce, the leading WordPress plugin which creates online stores, to build your own store. In this hands-on class you will build your eCommerce site to sell any kind of product. Find your theme that is suitable for WooCommerce. Learn how to add and manage your products, complete orders and understand reports. Set up a payment gateway. Set shipping and tax preferences. Learn which plugins are needed to safely and smartly run your online store. This class is taught by Bud […]


by Peggy Fincher Winters, Arthur A. Winters, Connie Rauen, Jack Rauen ISN’T IT TIME to EVALUATE THE POTENTIAL NEGATIVE EFFECTS of DIGITALIVING by “DIGITIES”? Are you close to any children or pre-teens who spend most of their free (or demanded free) time with digital companionship?  Are they in a world of virtual experiencing and so-called learning?  Could a “Digitie”, as we have termed them, get more from in-person, face-to-face contact with friends, family and teachers?  Have you noticed any decrease in the verbal skills of heavy digital users? These issues are making people of all ages fidgety with all the […]


Mobile 1 to 1– is No. 1 Big data technology keeps giving brands more and more personal information about YOU. The rise of technologies available to brands keeps enabling each brand to know intimate details about consumer behaviors. These technologies deliver opportunities to create more personal, 1 to 1 customer experiences (PCX) that will hopefully earn loyalty from customers, not only for their own satisfaction, but also for giving recommendations to others. What would now be the brand’s strategy for PCX? It is being reported that there is a billion-dollar market for advertising sales on mobile videos. Major wireless carriers […]