What’s Hot And What’s Shot

I’ll bet you didn’t know that Google has (what doesn’t Google have) a nice tool to tell us what is on everyone’s mind. It’s Google Trends. Just enter a keyword and Google will do all the heavy lifting. Keep in mind that this isn’t a perfect science but it will give you  a real good notion of what people are thinking of. Here are a few interesting keywords to try out just to get the hang of it. Anthony Weiner – candle just lit and it’s about to go out. Cropped pants – Heading in the up direction. Barack Obama […]

Where To Learn CSS

This one’s a layup. I will be teaching (CTD 605) Web Design: CSS (that’s Cascading Style Sheets) on campus starting Tuesday, June, 21 from 6:20 to 9:10. The class meets for six consecutive Tuesdays and it’s not just useful — it’s too much fun!! If you know a little XHTML (HTML is fine too) then you are good for this class but don’t take it unless you have some comfort with that. The course is required if you are working on a Web Design Certificate through The Enterprise Center. Heck, I think it should be required if all you do […]