Astoria Trip: Why We Do the Things We Do

HOT TOPICS ALERT! We changed our Talk and Tour program category name to COOL NEW YORK to truly reflect the opportunities we offer for apparel and lifestyle trend tracking in NYC.  These dynamic outings are meant to be cutting edge, work-related but so much fun that you could almost forget there is a career connection.  And yes, food is fashion.  Plenty of articles have cropped up lately about Astoria, Gotham’s epicenter of ethnic food choices. SXT 806 Foodies’ Paradise: Astoria This Saturday’s (May 14th) Astoria trip menu includes: Specialty markets for meat, fish, imported ingredients and spices, old school bakeries, […]

Size Matters

Small is In by Robin Lewis Pardon me, but I just can’t help myself. I seem to have an Edgar Allan Poe-like fixation. In this case I’m stuck on small format retailing, including “moms and pops,” as a winning model in the over-stored and -stuffed 21st Century. Again, this is due to the format’s “smallness,” which affords it easier physical access to the consumer, across the street in their neighborhoods. It’s my preemptive distribution “thing” again: the necessity to get to the consumer first, faster and more often than the hordes of equally compelling competitors, or you lose. And, […]

Royal Wedding Colors, Symbolism and Traditions

THE COLOR CORNER Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Interested in the color symbolism and tradition? There were many traditional colors that influence our contemporary lives as well preserving royal traditions. White (the absence of color)– why did the maid of honor wear white (the absence of color)? Because in England it has been a tradition from the 1400’s that bridal parties mostly wear white, it is a symbol of purity. Duchess Catherine of Cambridge’s beautiful white dress was an extension of her sister’s dress, both by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Yellow/Gold – both the Queen of England wore […]