Instructor Spotlight: Claudine DeSola

                  Claudine DeSola Experiential Marketer Sustainable Designer Claudine DeSola is considered a “sustainable experiential marketer”. Her goal now is to get brands to think before they send out large packages filled with uncurated products for reviews, or the same pricey press kit to fifty different people…. We can’t be perfect but lets figure out a way to have less waste. That is where Caravan Stylist Studio comes in… Claudine DeSola is the founder of Caravan Stylist Studio and the blog Caravangirl, celebrity stylist, fashion show producer, designer, experiential marketer and crusader for […]

Instructor Spotlight: Maureen Crilly

Maureen Crilly Self-Employed Professor FIT & SVA Maureen Crilly is an Adj. Asst. Professor in the Interior Design Department at FIT & SVA. She has taught History of Design courses and related studio courses on interior design. She received her BS from University of Kansas & her BFA in Interior Design from California College of the Arts. Ms. Crilly is owner/principal of CRILLY COMPANIES since 1991 which is a full-service NY Interior Design firm.

Instructor Spotlight: WR Mann

WR Mann Self-Employed Professor at FIT WR Mann has been teaching courses in Brand Strategy at FIT since 2004. These courses are designed for small businesses and startups to quickly gain traction and success in the marketplace. He studied architecture, psychology and neuroscience in Europe, Asia and the U.S. and has a Masters degree from NYU. He has worked with Andersen Consulting, Compaq and Netnames and helped more than 30 firms launch and promote their businesses.