Office Image Spoilers

Summer is always a time when businesses cringe in anticipation to see what their employees will be wearing to the office.  Flip flops come out, a little too much skin is exposed, and workers tend to get a little sloppy in their dress.  This is a perfect opportunity to offer our services as image consultants to guide our clients to appropriate attire this season.  Especially in this competitive economy, employees need every edge they can get to succeed in the workplace, including a wardrobe that means business. Sure, coming back from a summer weekend may tempt them to roll into […]

Shop Savvy During Summer Sales

INSIDE IMAGE CONSULTING As we near July 4th, summer sales begin to pop up in every direction. This season’s clothing and accessories are currently in stores at 30, 40 even 50% off of original prices!  It’s a great time of year to take advantage of the sales with your clients and grab those fabulous finds for less.  Encourage your clients to add a few more summer staples to their wardrobes—T’s, dresses, sandals – and to replace some of those summer whites that may have gone dingy. Truth be told, I’m a big proponent of shopping the sales, but I’m not […]

Befriend Trends

INSIDE IMAGE CONSULTING I love the title.  But to be fair, I cannot take the credit. It was the name of another fabulous workshop that was given at the AICI conference by west coast image expert Brenda Kinsel.  Brenda opened the workshop up with a conversation about our love/hate relationship with trends.  (Isn’t it the truth?) She offered that we may love them because they offer choices for us (and our clients) and solutions to a case of the wardrobe blahs.  And, we may hate them because they can seem irrelevant to our (and our clients’) lifestyle and needs. Each […]