The Medium is the PressAge … and the message is a presage.

What’s happened to fashion journalism? Much of what you need to do for an answer is go online. The present age of the fashion press is a consequence of a media explosion that was presaged over 50 years ago by media guru and culture sage: Marshall McLuhan. (In honor of the celebration of Marshall McLuhan’s 100th Birthday, July 21, 1911 – December 31, 1980) McLuhan foresaw media as a tool that can be used to create an individual’s own style, (e.g., “become the next hot designer” … go to: or watch the TV program: “Project Runway”, among others). Social […]

Consumer’s Message to the Brand: “Tell Me a Story”

    Consumer’s Message to the Brand:  “Tell Me a Story…” “Speak to my heart and mind.” A successful strategy for many brands is to tell a story. The brand itself, and its “brandizers,” must be a storyteller; much in the same way that one writes a feature story for a magazine.  For example, a store should become a medium for telling its story and a retail medium should become a virtual store in which the consumer wants to shop or be a part. Think of the Burberry brand as it has evolved through its long history. A brand story […]

Predicting the Future with Certitude

Wall St @ Fashion Ave Predicting the Future With Certitude In one’s personal or business life, it is frequently prudent and necessary to forecast future outcomes. On an individual or family level, retirement planning would be a good example. In the business world, it is the planning process with its multi-year strategic plans, annual budgets and periodic forecasts that most typically calls on our “mastery of prognostication” (an oxymoron if ever there were one!). If there is one thing that humans have consistently proven their ineptitude at, it is predicting the future (e.g., what percentage of mortgages are now underwater […]