The Medium is the PressAge … and the message is a presage.

What’s happened to fashion journalism? Much of what you need to do for an answer is go online. The present age of the fashion press is a consequence of a media explosion that was presaged over 50 years ago by media guru and culture sage: Marshall McLuhan. (In honor of the celebration of Marshall McLuhan’s 100th Birthday, July 21, 1911 – December 31, 1980) McLuhan foresaw media as a tool that can be used to create an individual’s own style, (e.g., “become the next hot designer” … go to: or watch the TV program: “Project Runway”, among others). Social […]

Consumer’s Message to the Brand: “Tell Me a Story”

    Consumer’s Message to the Brand:  “Tell Me a Story…” “Speak to my heart and mind.” A successful strategy for many brands is to tell a story. The brand itself, and its “brandizers,” must be a storyteller; much in the same way that one writes a feature story for a magazine.  For example, a store should become a medium for telling its story and a retail medium should become a virtual store in which the consumer wants to shop or be a part. Think of the Burberry brand as it has evolved through its long history. A brand story […]


Today’s Brand Communications finds that the positioning of brand image and meaning are more challenging than ever.  Creating a memorable I.D. and appealing to the consumer’s connection to the brand’s id, is more demanding than ever. Every communication with a target audience should offer the brand an opportunity to reinforce its mission and positioning.  Its message content should contain more than image.  It should communicate relevant functional and/or emotional meanings for the customer’s aspirations, wants and needs.  Successful brands connect with the consumer’s id, the source of instinctive energy. A logo must be more than a graphic (see Branded Logoman […]