Fashion After Bark – Designer Recap

Well, the show was fabulous – the designers, dogs, and students that organized it were all great. I always have fun leading up to the show because I get to figure out which dogs and outfits pair up best, but to see it all come together is always exciting. I know the Press didn’t list which designers did which outfits, so let me be the one to tell you! I have to apologize, currently my photos consist of backstage photos only. I used a few runway photos from fellow FIT staff. I haven’t had a chance to go through all […]

The Decline of the Television

At first glance, all I could think of was “Why? They keep releasing all these fancy new TVs (3D, HD, LCD, Plasma, etc) each year?” However, while reading the article, I could see why. I watch most of my regular shows via laptop/internet because the DVR is always full, so I only use my TV to watch sport events or news. Do you use your TV the same now as you did 5 years ago? …   Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S. Joe Raedle/Getty Images Discarded analog television sets in Florida. Analog was rendered obsolete in the switch […]

Size??? Depends on the store…

I don’t know about you, but I hate shopping for pants. Why? Because I never know what size I am and how each brand will fit me. For me tops aren’t hard to shop for, but pants… FORGET IT. When I find a pair that fit, I buy a few pairs so I don’t have to go through the process again any time soon. Now only if the fashion industry would create some sort of sizing rules that would make things easier…     One Size Fits Nobody: Seeking a Steady 4 or a 10 By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD Published: April […]