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Where To Learn CSS

This one’s a layup.

I will be teaching (CTD 605) Web Design: CSS (that’s Cascading Style Sheets) on campus starting Tuesday, June, 21 from 6:20 to 9:10. The class meets for six consecutive Tuesdays and it’s not just useful — it’s too much fun!!

If you know a little XHTML (HTML is fine too) then you are good for this class but don’t take it unless you have some comfort with that.

The course is required if you are working on a Web Design Certificate through The Enterprise Center. Heck, I think it should be required if all you do is surf the web. it’s that important.

CSS is all about a web page’s style, layout and typography. CSS is about making great web sites!!

Just A Few Things You Will Learn

* Layout pages without tables (Yippee!!)
* How to set font-sizes in pixels or em units
* How to create modern navigation interfaces
* How to use background images
* A quick look into the future of CSS – that’s CSS3

To get a sense of what CSS is see What Is CSS?


Bud Kraus teaches CTD 600 Web Design: XHTML , CTD 605 Web Design: Cascading Style Sheets, and CTD 613: WordPress.

Web 3.0 Is Coming To A Screen Near You

Web 3.0

Sooner or later you are going to be hearing about Web 3.0 if you haven’t already.

Just when you were getting comfortable with Web 2.0 now along comes the next incarnation of the online communications experience.  As you might expect we’re not talking just about desktops and laptops but all sorts of mobile devices that you know about or are about to be launched.

Although it was never called Web 1.0 those bad old days were marked by half baked browsers that should never have been launched and design practices that were the best they could be given the state of the art of the time.  Gray page backgrounds, blue links and black text got it all started almost 20 years ago.

It took me awhile to figure out what Web 2.0 was. People were saying it was about social media and interpersonal communications. The best way I can describe 2.0 is what it gave us – the social networks, blogs, online communities and tons of video.

Web 3.0? Given the coming updates to HTML and CSS it will radically change what we think of as “the web.”

Here is what I think it’s going to be.


Bud Kraus teaches CTD 600 Web Design: XHTML , CTD 605 Web Design: Cascading Style Sheets, and CTD 613: WordPress.