Stepping Up Your Game, Are You Ready?

You were kind enough to give me three minutes two months ago so I could show you how to become a better entrepreneur. Earlier in the year I hit you with a pre-summer checklist to grow your business. If you are ready to take your venture, and yourself, to a whole new business development level lean in close I’ve found something else. Chris Brogan (if you’re not familiar with him you should certainly peruse his site has issued a dietary challenge. Read only three, that’s right he said three books, for an entire year. 3 for 3 The impetus of this […]

Business Development: 3 Business Expansion Pillars

We don’t want to, but it’s often irresistible. What is it? Looking around and seeing scores of possible new opportunities to boost our business. We look at virgin (well at least to us) terrain through rose colored glasses and think wouldn’t it be great. We need to… …tweak our product so it can help a new demographic …get Company X to make us a business partner, then the sky would be the limit …go national – no international If even half is true, why do so few execute on perceived opportunities? Breaking into a market is difficult. Expanding can be […]

Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Everyone around here is tuning-up for the new school year. The grounds have be spruced up, class assignments doled out, and learning objectives have been set. All is in order to help aspiring students advance their knowledge beyond their expectations. Pull in close. I want to let you in on our secret. One of the most overlooked (and undervalued) keys to what takes place in any superior learning environment is having an integrated learning roadmap. One that balances shared knowledge (academic plus peer-to-peer) with experiential discovery. A mix, which not surprisingly, has served me well for decades outside the walls […]