Dressing Sweeter

Written by Danielle Covington, FIT Hot Topics Intern. Spring 2013’s ready to wear collections can been summed up as one thing, an utterly fabulous sugar shock! Labels such as Betsey Johnson, Alice & Olivia, Philosophy and more have blazed the runways with sweet looks sure to hit the spot. I’ve taken the liberty of matching up these sweet looks with their sugar filled soul mates to bring you a refreshing look at what will be coming up next season. Let’s see how some designers approached “Dressing Sweeter”. Alice & Olivia Alice & Olivia demonstrated a sassy sweet tooth for the […]

Re-Gift Proof: Office Gifts Done Right

Written by Dani Covington, FIT Hot Topics Intern. Hello masses of the inter-webs! ‘Tis the season to start scouring department stores! We’re all looking for cost effective, original gifts we know will make an impact, but more importantly won’t get re-gifted to your co-workers distant cousin. Try to be enthusiastic! I know it sounds like a lot, but please don’t fret.  I’m here to help. Think small. The office is our home away from home, correct? So for shoppers looking to make a gesture of good will, I suggest shopping small. Small office supplies with tons of personality can really […]