Meet Svetlana Zakharina!

So, tell us a little about yourself… Why fashion? Where did it all begin? My roots of special-occasion designing began in Russia where the seeds were first planted that led to my future creative career. I grew up with a passion and enthusiasm for the arts, beauty, wellness, & fashion…I painted, and drew, and cooked…and then designed clothing. By essence, I am a creator with a spiritual approach. I like to consider myself to be sort of a sketcher of all creations. With every project, I visualize by sketching it out in my mind, manifest the “sketch” in reality and […]

Spring Trends 2015

Written by: Intern Oaishe Khandoker Spring is here and many trends have been spotted in recent fashion shows. As the cold weather is ending, and flowers blossoming, many trends represent the beauty of spring. In Shanghai, designers manipulate fabric to create texture, volume and completely transform them. Similarly, texture is shown in fabrics in Tokyo, where 3D fabric flowers are placed on garments. There are a variety of flower placements, such as oversized repeats, decorative application, varied scales and scattered. This trend has also been seen on the runways shows on Rebecca Taylor and Michael Kors. Florals have also been […]