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BARKinistas Unleashed: Meet the Designers

Here is our second BARKinistas Unleashed 2012 Pet Fashion Designer interview!

Wanda Jaller headshot Naughty Pet card

Wanda Jaller, Founder/CEO of Naughty Pet

Our goal at Naughty Pet, Inc is to provide pet owners quality and exclusive products to pamper and simplify the lives of pets while adding an element of sophistication.  The line of affordable dog apparel and accessories is designed with style and functionality. The apparel line includes a range of raincoats, parkas, hoodies, sweaters, collars and leashes.

Naughty Pet, Inc was born in 2010 and will launch in the summer of 2012.


Wanda Jaller Naughty PetsWanda Jaller Naughty PetsWanda Jaller Naughty Pets
Photos by Noel Núñez

A love for pets and a passion for fashion was integrity to create a company that will provide pet owners functional products designed for multiple uses.

Experience in the Pet Fashion Design and Marketing certificate program:
The Pet Product and Marketing Certificate program provided me with an enormous amount of education and resources.  The core classes provided a path for me to explore and expand my creative ideas on designing a luxury canine apparel line.  The second half of the program allowed me to integrate the creative ideas into a final product.

BARKinistas Unleashed is free and open to the public, however you need a ticket to enter. Tickets are no longer available.