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BARKinistas Unleashed: Meet the Designers

Here is our first BARKinistas Unleashed 2012 Pet Fashion Designer interview!

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Kelly Beneventano

What A Dog Wants Pet Photography & Designs


Photo shoots are available for private clients in the greater Long Island and New York metro area. Custom designs are available by contacting me directly.

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There has never been a time when a dog hasn’t been in my life or touched my heart.  I always look back at that image of my German Sheppard mix Lucky protecting me under my stroller, that image of my childhood best friend Patches a Border Collie mix with me on my wedding day and the more recent images of my four rescue dogs Lucky, Shadow, Pippy & Malani at the beach with me at Port Jefferson. It’s those images, my obsession and love for dogs and past experience in the creative and animal welfare fields that started What A Dog Wants Pet Photography & Designs. My goal is to provide fun, expressive documentary-style pet photography that captures the heart, soul and personality of your pet. A beautiful and unique image that will bring memories and tell your pets story long after their gone. My designs are just as unique and fun as my photography, delivering a message and letting your dog express their pawsonalites.

Experience in the Pet Fashion Design and Marketing certificate program:
I started the Pet Fashion Design and Marketing certificate program at FIT in the fall of 2011.  With two classes left I am upon completion of the program.  This program has helped me gain so much knowledge of the pet industry.  Having the teachers who are in the industry guide me in the right direction and answer any questions I had was so helpful and motivating.  Having other students in the classes that are just as passionate about pets as I am, made the classes so interesting.  I looked forward to going to these classes even tho I had an almost two hour commute which is why I think I have completed the program so fast.
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BARKinistas Unleashed is free and open to the public, however you need a ticket to enter. Tickets are no longer available.