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What turns the Wheel of Fashion?
We think that it is ever-rolling change.

Reinventing the Wheel of Fashion drawing by Art Winters
drawing by Art Winters

drawing by Art Winters

For example, designer Alexa Galler is giving the woman’s T-shirt a new Worth by designing “asymmetrical” shapes that could be cocktail party attire….” She is also making “different silhouettes” for men’s khakis, button-downs, and blazers.  Her Ecco Domani awarded collection: “Eighteenth,” is taking a basic item and wheeling it into “Reinvented Fashion.”

As the wheel turns towards different Hierarchies of consumer needs, designer Wes Gordon relies on fashion history for his peplum shapes and floor-length cuts.  His objective here is “my own style Engagementwith present customers and their engagements with potential customers.

Another spoke in the Fashion Wheel speaks of Expectations. For example, comfort is now the most prevalent attribute expected in jean brands.  All of this is designed to create Loyalty – which is being measured by designer and store brands use of Customer Loyalty Metrics (CLM).

CLM is a brand’s analytical research conducted to identify degrees of loyalty based upon the customer’s perception of the Fashion WHEEL.  As mentioned above, designer Wes Gordon has developed remarkable customer loyalty by Reinventing his own WHEEL.  In his own words, he has revived traditional work-style fashions for Jones New York with his “sharp tailoring and cool materials.”

Among the many new fashion directions that may now ride on a whole new Hierarchy is the MADMEN Collection by Banana Republic.  What could be more appealing to the fashion-fit than finding styles that fit?

Mad Men for Banana Republic

And finally, some Fashion Wheel Expectation and excitement at Baby Gap and Gap Kids!  Diane von Furstenberg is designing adorably cute styles and fabrics to burst into spring 2012!  Can we hope for this Fashion Wheel to roll into The Gap for grownups too?

 DVF for Baby GAP and GAP KIDS

 DVF for Baby GAP and GAP KIDS

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