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Alpine Spring Break: P a s s o d e l T o n a l e

Buongiorno a tutti!

Here in Florence we are starting to get the first tastes of spring with warmer temperatures and sunny days peeking through the spring rain.  April showers bring May flowers let’s hope right?

A few weeks ago though, I went the opposite direction for spring break, away from the warmer climate of the south and north to the Italian Alps. When one usually thinks of spring break, warm beaches and fruity cocktails come to mind. This year though, I was dreaming of ski slopes and the warm apple strudel of Alto Adige!

I spent the week in Passo del Tonale, near the border with Austria, and am pleaded to say I ate enough speck, strudel and drank enough apres ski hot chocolate for two people, but justified it by skiing it off every day!  I highly recommend this beautiful little mountain town with the most kind people I have ever met and definitely some of the best skiing in the world. I used to come here with my family during the winter when I was younger, so I wanted to take advantage of being in Florence to visit again the place where I first learned to ski!  I have been skiing since I was 3 years old and alpine ski raced for about 7 years, so for me skiing is the best forms of meditation! Trust me when I say being on these mountains is more like flying on top of the world.

Passo del Tonale has a glacier which takes two gondolas to get to the top, reaching over 3,000 meters in altitude, where there are two restaurants as well.  On the other side of the valley, easily crossed when you want to leave the glacier, there are the main ski slopes of Passo del Tonale. Here is where you can find the main restaurants, bars and hotels as well.  My recommendations are definitely going to La Torretta for the scamorza pizza (with speck) and the Magic Pub for apres ski aperitivo (most importantly where you can find the best french fries in the world).

I would absolutely recommend visiting to get a taste of the Italian Alps!  There are plenty of winter activities besides from skiing, for people at all levels, and amazing food worth the trip!

A presto!



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