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FIT in Florence

Bridge after bridge…


During one of our academic field trips, we had the opportunity to visit Venice during La Biennale di Venezia  – a very cool concept exhibition where artists from all over the world are invited to participate in a space where they can turn any corner into a workshop.  The notion behind this is that, being open to the public, anyone can see the artists hard at work – be, perhaps, inspired by the things that inspire the artists themselves, where anyone can take a look behind the artist’s mind. We saw everything from the exchange of a memory to a stranger, eerie transformed books, to geometrically shaped lamps.  Some of the works caused giggles, to me especially.  I am sure you can understand that after seeing Michelangelo’s David, contemporary art can then be seen as a little… bizarre.

During the time we weren’t visiting museums, costume ateliers, or mask workshops, we were off exploring every single alley that are so characteristic of this city, where you never thought that buildings that are, truthfully, at the edge of decomposing could be thus charming. Other Venetian landmarks like Caffe Florian – the oldest caffè in Venice since 1847,  The Hotel Daniele, and the Teatro La Fenice will have you experiencing what living in 18th century Venice was like.


The academic trip only lasted two days, which was certainly not enough to discover Venice, but no one was upset about returning to the warm Tuscan sun.



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