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Ciao a tutti,

For this week’s post, I am sharing some of my favorite architecture so far in Florence.  As I mentioned in our collaborative post, after first arriving we heard advice from local Florentines saying “in Florence always look up.”  The city has layers and layers of history which are evident throughout the streets and buildings, telling a story of the people who used to live here and the movements which took place, sweeping through the city.  Examples of this history can be found in details all over, many of which might be missed if you don’t look up.  Below I have collected pictures of beautiful ceilings from all over Florence, where the beauty is so overwhelming and consuming.  A key factor in creating this ambiance is the ceiling and how it contributes to completely immersing you into the environment.

Having just finished midterms, these past two weeks seemed non stop with projects, exams, and everything else going on in life.  With focusing on one class to the next making sure you get everything done on time, it is easy to get caught up in daily and weekly tasks.  Before you know it, it is the end of October and first semester is more than halfway over!  One of the things though which I am learning and appreciating from Florence, is going a little slower and taking in all the beauty around you.  Sometimes I need to be reminded of this and aspects of the city such as these ceilings get me to stop and take everything in. Something you can do wherever you are in the world, but is especially beautiful in Florence. 🙂

A presto,


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