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We Made It!


The event that we Fashion Design 2 students had been working towards all semester finally took place last week… Our exhibition and graduation! Over the past four months, we have been tirelessly working on two massive projects that were focused around the theme of the exhibition: “Elements of the Code” and spanned across all of our core classes. Each student acquired inspiration from part of the Stibbert museum in different ways, whether focusing on a specific artifact, like an Ottoman rifle inlaid with stone, or actual parts of the museum itself, such as the marble walls and glass chandeliers. We then created a lingerie collection based on part of the museum and the two elements, earth and fire, and a cocktail collection inspired by another aspect of the museum along with water and air. We then spent the entire semester making these ideas come to life through illustration in our Fashion Art and Design course, technical work in our Flats and Specs and Product Data Management courses, and by physically creating one garment from each collection in Draping.

Me and my friend, Corinne, beside my dress - Look at that freshly obtained laurel wreath and diploma!

Me and my friend, Corinne, beside my dress – Look at that freshly obtained laurel wreath and diploma!

Ephie's dress on display.

Ephie’s dress on display.

The exhibition was absolutely amazing because it enabled us to show the fruits of our (seemingly endless) labor and to have our classmates, professors, and loved ones see the products of so much hard work and creativity. The evening began with a beautiful graduation ceremony within the Stibbert museum with speeches by our beloved Professors Vivarelli and Cardelli, our guest critic, Fiona Petroni Granata, the head of the program, Professor Kaplan, and our dear fellow student, Stephanie Skinner. Mr. Ferruccio Ferragamo then said a few words and, one by one, awarded us each our diplomas after a laurel crown (the Italian version of a graduation cap) was placed upon our heads. Then, after this beautiful, touching ceremony came to a close, we were free to lead our guests around and show them our final projects.

We made it!

Ready to graduate!

The graduating class!

The graduating class with Mr. Ferragamo, Professor Kaplan, Professor Vivarelli, and Professor Cardelli.

This exhibition was quite special because it was held directly within the Stibbert museum and the garments on display were shown throughout many different rooms, each placed next to the object or decoration that inspired them. Through this kind of setup, guests were able to walk through the entire museum and see every student’s garments displayed in various settings among priceless artifacts and gorgeous decorative items from all over the world. Our artwork was shown separately, in the Limonaia, a lovely, open space in another building, in which the reception took place.

Angelica's dress on display.

Angelica’s dress on display.

Paige, an FMM student, looking through our portfolios in the Limonaia.

Paige, an FMM student, looking through our portfolios in the Limonaia.

This is a day that I will never forget and certainly a year that I will never forget. Over many months, many countries, and many new, unforgettable experiences, I hope that you have enjoyed all of my posts on the blog as I have gone through this incredibly rewarding year and if you ever want to know more about living in Florence and studying abroad, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Lots of love,

Rose Chiarello

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