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Counting Down Days



In this outfit I was told I looked Italian, therefore documentation has to be made

To be exact, I have just 24 days left of this wild, crazy decision to move away for nine months. I remember counting down the days until I left New York, counting down the days until my Dad and brother came to visit, and now I am counting down the days until I return to New York, but with much less excitement.

After spending my spring break in Portugal, a beautiful country that shows the cracks of a struggling economy among the old buildings and tiled streets, I was happy to return to Florence again. The weather has been sunny and seventy, with blue skies and an occasional breeze. The sunsets have been incredible. I missed the Florentine food after only a week. Florence welcomed me back with open arms and I walked into them immediately.


My friend Joe, pointing out the sites to our friend from home, Sean

This past Sunday was a perfect Sunday, the kind you can’t come up with if you tried. The morning was spent at Piazzale Michelangelo in the sunshine, people watching and view watching. We meandered to Piazza Santo Spirito where a street market was taking place. We ate Gusta panino on the steps of the church after exploring the stands. In a burst of energy, we crossed the river to San Marco, and grabbed the bus to Fiesole, taking in the view of Florence from up above. It was a day that fell into a place, the kind of day you can’t plan, a Sunday that I will always remember fondly, for the company, the place, and the laughter.


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Fiesole: it was a bit chilly and gray, but the view is incredible either way!

The end of the semester projects for everyone are looming, The second year design students have their exhibition in a week and the end of the year aperitivo is right around the corner. Everyone is busy with last minute trips, procrastinated papers, and going to the restaurants we always talked about, but haven’t made it to. This weekend I think I will finally go to Pisa. Yes, I have been just a short train ride away from the leaning tower for eight months and yes, I still haven’t gone. The months move quickly, the weekends fill up, sometimes you have to save certain things until the end. I think my last few weekends here will all be like that; watching sunsets, taking afternoon trips, and finally getting aperitivo at that place nearby I’ve always walked past. It’s been a great eight months, here’s to one more amazing one.



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