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Hi! My name is May, and I will be spending my junior year abroad in Florence as a Fashion Business Management student! I was born and raised in Burma—a beautiful country also known as Myanmar. When I was 12 years old, I immigrated to New York City and have been roaming around the five boroughs ever since. I am petite in size but I have a huge appetite for knowledge, sweet potato fries, world peace, and shoes! I look forward to learning and living in Italy and I am excited to share my journey abroad with you!

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Hello! My name is Rose and I am a second year Fashion Design major studying in Florence for the full academic year. I grew up in Maplewood, NJ and now live in Hoboken and I’ve always loved to travel, so I plan to explore as much of Europe as I can while studying abroad.

I absolutely love all aspects of classical Hollywood and I often draw design inspiration from different types of art history including fashion, film, and architecture. Along with the historic locations I hope to visit in Florence, I know that I will be spending the little downtime I have reading in a cafe or looking through vintage shops, so I will post about my personal favorite places in the city as well as the bigger attractions I visit and the events arranged through the school.

I can hardly wait for this amazing adventure to begin and I hope that you enjoy my posts as I share every step of the journey with you. Hopefully this blog will show you what a beautiful place Florence is and how much it has to offer for those of us who love to travel and improve artistically through experiencing new cultures.

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Ciao! My name is Stephanie and I am a Fashion Design major. I am originally from Canada, but I grew up just outside of Portland, Oregon. I spent my childhood camping, boating, and traveling back and forth to Canada to visit family. I have spent the last three years working in retail and with local designers in Portland. I am so excited to now be studying in Florence! I am eager to really learn about the Italian culture and be a local instead of tourist. Also I hope to speak decent Italian by the time I leave in May.

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