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Spring Semester


The holiday season was a much needed break for everyone. Some stayed in Florence and traveled throughout Europe while others, like me, decided to fly home to reunite with family and friends.

Although it was wonderful to see my family and friends again, it’s time to be studying my passion again. I flew back to Florence three days ago with a layover in Paris, where it was snowing hard. I arrived in Florence with relief that no luggage was lost and flights were not terribly delayed. Florence is no longer a foreign environment. The bumpy cobblestones, insane Italian drivers and spontaneous rain just all feels so familiar.

Although I am in the same city as last semester, there are many differences between this semester and the last. I moved into a different, more spacious, apartment with my Fashion Merchandising Management friends. I live further away from Villa Strozzi now, but I bought a student ATAF tram pass today so my commute will be quicker. I have one less class during spring semester, so hopefully I will have more leisure time to relax. Though my professors are predominately the same, I have a few new professors for courses such as Patternmaking, Italian and Photoshop. It will be exciting to get to know them!

I am unbelievably nervous for the new semester, but I am looking forward to it. I am still adapting to living away from home since this is my first year doing so, but I have been learning to deal with my homesickness really well. I put so much hard work into my courses last semester and finished with solid grades. I hope that I can continue maintaining good grades while balancing a social life this semester as well.

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