The Trip to Two ContinentsFIT in Florence

FIT in Florence

The Trip to Two Continents


Last week, my friends and I decided to take a long weekend trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The unique city literally featured “the best of both worlds”. Situated on the Bosporus Straight, half of this city lies on the continent of Europe, while the other half lies on the continent of Asia. The city also combines both the Christian culture of Europe with the Islamic culture of the middle-eastern portions of Asia.  

            Our first day began early, with a long tour. We saw historical sites such as the Hagia Sofia and The Blue Mosque. These were some of the most beautiful religious sites I have ever seen. The tour concluded with a trip to the Grand Baazar where we were able to buy authentic Turkish souvenirs.

The next day was fairly relaxed. We decided that we should take a trip to the Asian side of the city before we left, so that we could say that we have been on the continent. The Asian side was much more authentic, with very few people speaking English. It was a great experience but we left quickly. Our night concluded with a delicious Turkish dinner overlooking the Hagia Sofia

Overall our trip was fantastic. Istanbul was an incredibly distinctive place, which I would highly suggest people to visit!


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