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2012 Bloggers

My name is Daisy and I am a second year fashion design student studying abroad in Florence. I was born and raised in Philadelphia.  With first generation Korean parents, I went to school as a science major, but two years later I knew it wasn’t for me!  Transferring to FIT was the second best decision of my life, because making the choice to study abroad was THE best decision I’ve ever made.  Fashion is a compilation of all things that inspire me and I find inspiration through art, culture, food, people, music, and my surroundings!  Studying abroad has been an eye opening experience, and I have learned more about myself in the last couple of months than I have in the last 22 years of my life!

My name is David and I’m a third-year FIT student currently attending FIT in Florence. I grew up around Atlantic City and got bit by the fashion bug when I started working at Polo Ralph Lauren on my 16th birthday. I still work there during vacations and I’m also a former intern at Kenneth Cole. I received an AAS in Fashion Merchandising Management from FIT last May and now I’m studying International FMM. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in May 2013. In Florence, I am president of FITSA (student activities organization), which means I plan trips and other activities for fellow students.

My name is McQuiston, but most know me as Q. I was born in Salt Lake City and I am the oldest of four girls. I am 18 years old and have a growing obsession with fashion. I also enjoy sports, most forms of art, and especially writing. This is my freshman year of college at a world renowned fashion school in the land famous for fashion and art. Fashion Institute of Technology in Florence, Italy.

My name is Ania and I’m a junior International Fashion Merchandising Management student. Since I originally come from Poland, studying abroad is nothing new to me. I know how it feels to be away from home. Fascinated by the program that FIT offers in Italy, I decided to take up another challenge and go to Florence for the whole year. All in all, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Surrounded by the works of Brunelleschi, Leonardo, and Michelangelo, I will try to do my best to show you the experience of being a student in the Apennine Peninsula. Although I have worked as an editor in a fashion magazine in Poland, writing a blog in English is not a piece of cake for me. I hope you will enjoy my posts and pictures (Oh, I love photography!) and I hope you will like my European perspective on the being an international student. Wish me… buona fortuna!

My name is Jody and I am a first year student studying fashion design in Florence!  I was born and raised in the beautiful Southern California right by Malibu. I am an 18-year-old who loves to immerse herself in different activities such as track and field, photography, music, and of course, fashion! People intrigue me and I always love making new friends.

My passion for fashion grew in high school when I interned for K-Swiss and Luna Luna Copenhagen, took clothing and fashion merchandising courses, and competed in Teen Vogue and O’Neill’s fashion design competition, Generation Next.  I never imagined myself as someone who would be brave enough to travel across the globe to a place so foreign to me like Florence, but now I am so excited to be studying what I love in such a beautiful city!

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