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Weekend Trip: Swiss Alps!


Hi everyone!! As promised, here are my photos from my weekend getaway to the Swiss Alps! Even though I’m not a fan of cold weather or winter sports.. I’m SO glad that I made the decision to go to Switzerland!! The views were incredible and these photos don’t do justice… every view was truly breath-taking! And serious thanks to Bus2Alps for making this trip so easy!!

{Interlaken, Switzerland}
{interior of Victoria Jungfrau Hotel & Spa}
{what I look like 75% of the time- camera in my face}
{view while taking a hike!}
{top of our hike- incredible view of one of the lakes in Interlaken}
{beautiful view of the town, walking down the trail}

{yummy lunch after hiking!}
{Girls & I literally on top of Europe!! – we were 11,782 ft above sea level @ ice palace!!}
{cute ice penguins}
{ice palace @ Jungfrau}
{leaving the Alps, will def be back!!}

If I hadn’t made the decision to study abroad, I would’ve never had the opportunity to go on these little weekend trips to the most beautiful places in the world!! It’s amazing how easy it is to travel in Europe, and how affordable it is as well! Optional activities in the Swiss Alps included sky diving, canyon jumping, paragliding, hiking, ice skating, going to the top of Europe, and etc.. all of course were an additional cost, but seriously the most incredible activities you could part take in, with the most incredible views. Ever.

Seriously, if you’re the slightest bit interested in studying abroad, I say, do it. It is a huge commitment to make and there are a lot you have to adjust to, but I promise it’ll be the best, life changing experience of your life!

And if you have any specific questions about living/studying abroad, email me!! I am more than willing to help 🙂 – [email protected]

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