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Ca’ Macana Mask Making


The first thing that pops up in my head when I think of Venice is masks and gondolas. We (FIT in Florence) recently took an academic trip to Venice where we had the opportunity to make our very own masks! Buying a mask is great, but I think making your own mask is even more special. We ended our second day in Venice at Ca’ Macana Mask Studio, where we learned about the history of Venetian masks, then  FITSA (FIT Student Activities) organized an event to participate in the actual mask making!

Bauta mask

Blank masks ready to be painted!

Before painting their masks!

FIT study abroad Director Sass Brown working hard on her mask!

Chohye working on her mask!

Erica's mask in progress!

Finished masks at sunset

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to go back to wearing masks on a daily basis and doing whatever you wanted, without anyone knowing you did it? These masks didn’t only hide your identity and social status, but gave you freedom! The anonymity that these masks offered, allowed for interactions within different societies without judgments being made. Think about all the criminal and immoral activities that people probably engaged in, which is why these masks are only worn during Carnivale now. But now we have original masks to take to Carnivale next semester (Spring 2012) for those wanting to participate! I’ll definitely be making my way back for sure!


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  2. I need those masks!!!

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