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Welcome to the FIT Bloggers Blog.

If you have found your way here, it must be because you have attended a blog orientation, training session, or maybe you are just curious to get a little more information os starting an FIT blog.

I will be posting periodic information about ways to enhance or jazz up your blog, as well as any crucial info. about WordPress upgrades and issues.

There is also an FIT Bloggers email newsletter that will be sent out and if you would like to sign up for that, please do so in the newsletter sign up box to the right.  All of the info from the newsletters will be found here, on the blog, plus more tips and goodies that we find along the way.

I would love for this blog to become a resource library, if you will, for the FIT community to use and I hope that you sill take a few seconds to comment on any posts where a topic has helped you or where you might like to see more information posted.

In the mean time, Happy Blogging!


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